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Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0004 Japan

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2014/08/18 - 08/23

朴 盛鉉 Park, Sung-Hyun メタルアート展

建国大学では金属工芸科で教授を務める(韓国ソウル)Sung Hyun Park氏の、日本で初めての個展です。
Artist statement
My Work based on "Digital Crafts" that consist of utilizing CAD(Computer Aided Design) and Digital Output. The form is created by point, line and surface. When I approach the work, the form generation mechanism is the medium in other words, using variable or regular algorithm method with enthusiastic attitude and concrete ways of enhancing creativity.

2014/08/04 - 08/11

オープニング記念展 平岩共代展

It is a pleasure to comment on the Jewelry and Metal designs of Tomoyo Hiraiwa, and to congratulate her on the occasion of this wonderful exhibition. I came to know her work when she became “Artist in Residence” at this Museum, and introduced an American public to her innovative and accomplished designs. When I first saw Tomoyo’s work I was impressed by the graceful delicacy and organic softness of forms that she was able to create using the hard and sometimes cold silver metal. In working her metal into elegant flower petal shapes that echo, but do not imitate, the world of nature, Tomoyo reminds us of the beauty of simplicity and the dynamic potential of her chosen material. Magically, she makes the hard metal fold and undulate like wind blowing through a piece of silk. The delicacy is balanced, however, by the boldness and presence of her forms. Tomoyo Hiraiwa has achieved a marriage between softness and strength that can be appreciated by all. Her designs speak an international language of beauty, inspired by her own modest and graceful character.

David Revere McFadden
Chief Curator
Museum of Arts & Design, New York
2014年8月、東京品川にcreate space tokyoが誕生しました。
コンテンポラリー アートジュエリー・メタル・ファイバーワークなど
create space tokyo was born in Tokyo Shinagawa on August 2014
CST introduce the work of national and international artists who are active
internationally in the genre of contemporary art jewelry / Metal / fiber work.
Artists that submit their work have future oriented contemporary arts and design.
The exhibition will consist of two divisions, exhibition and rental of space.
The curator of the exhibition is Ms. Tomoyo Hiraiwa. She is metal artist and will be charge.
She has done exhibitions internationally for several years, and has access to extensive
international network of galleries and artists. Artists will be able to access international activities
over the years and a wide range of international net work.
Artist she selects will be able to display their work.
Those who participate in the CST as a curator are also active international artists.
International exchange exhibition artists will be divided into three categories: medium skill,
beginner (including student), and veteran.
The power of the art from CST comes from creating peaceful world and mutual
understanding that is purely beautiful and borderless.